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Starshot Lightsail Project Webinar

Tuesday, December 7, 2021
8:00am to 12:00pm
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The Breakthrough Starshot Initiative established in 2016 sets an audacious goal of sending a spacecraft beyond our Solar System to a neighboring star within the next half-century. In this mission concept, an ultralight spacecraft will be accelerated by laser radiation pressure from an Earth-based source to ~20% of the speed of light, making use an ultrathin lightsail membrane to harvest the photon pressure during acceleration. The first phase of lightsail research and development was initiated in 2018. This webinar will present an overview of key developments that have occurred through this and related efforts which are paving the way for realization of the Starshot concept.

8:30 Breakthrough Starshot Overview – Pete Worden, Breakthrough Initiatives

8:50 Lightsail Program Overview and Status – Harry Atwater, Caltech

9:10 Starshot Program Coordination – James Schalkwyk, Breakthrough Initiatives

9:20 Communications Report – Phil Mauskopf, Arizona State University

9:40 Photon Engine Report – Wes Green, Breakthrough Initiatives

10:00 Power Working Group Report – Mason Peck, Cornell

10:15 Coffee Break

10:30 Welcome – Tom Rosenbaum, Caltech President

10:40 Starshot System Model and Risk Assessment – Kevin Parkin, Parkin Research

11:00 Plenary Talk I: Ultralight 3D structure design and fabrication – Julia Greer, Caltech

11:30 Plenary Talk II: Lessons for Laser Lightsails from Solar Sail designs – Artur Davoyan, UCLA

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